Andrew’s Coding Portfolio

Frailty App for Seniors

An iOS app submitted to and accepted by Apple, built for a university-affiliated geriatrics research team to measure senior users’ frailty level.
Details and screenshots coming soon!


A web app for language learners built with Node.js, Express, and React, connecting to a MySQL db. Currently under construction as my college capstone project. Beta testers in Canada & Japan are standing by for it to go live in early 2021.
Details and site link coming soon!

Shapes & Colours

One of my early exercises in OOP & arrays using the Java GUI that I had a lot of fun with. The user can create shapes of different sizes, delete them, recall them, and scramble their positions on the canvas.
Video coming soon!

Web App for Non-Profit Group

A web app built in ASP.NET, using a SQL Server db. It has a customized video player, a discussion forum built from scratch, and custom security features requested by the client.
Details coming soon!

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