Multicultural Business Lookup

The purpose of the Multicultural Business Lookup is to help users find businesses or organizations related to a given country or culture through the language of service, kind of goods sold, and/or type of services offered. My prototype displays a limited number of businesses/organizations related to a few countries, but the finished app would ideally have data on all businesses in the area related to other countries. That would pose business challenges, but if finished would have some advantages over Google searches: (a) listed businesses would necessarily be vetted for inclusion in the db, meaning no odd or irrelevant results, (b) business details would always include languages of service and any other culturally/ethnically significant information, and (c) users wouldn’t need to decide their own search terms or second-guess them.

The app is built with plain JavaScript and plain PHP, no framework used, and uses jQuery and Bootstrap. It’s not currently hosted anywhere, but it connects to a small hosted MySQL db. The map display and business locations are received from the Bing Maps API. Data for businesses included in the prototype db was collected by emailing some local business associations and doing some old-school Google searches; it was then entered manually.

Functionality I’d like to add if I continue with this project includes giving the user directions from their current location to a selected business and full responsiveness for mobile devices.

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