Andrew’s Movie App!

This Android app lets the user type in any keyword representing part of a movie title, actor’s name, genre, etc., and that keyword is sent to the OMDb (Online Movie Database) API which returns any movies containing matches. The user chooses a title from all the results, and that’s movie’s details are displayed to screen, along with a thumbnail of the movie poster.

The user is able to add any displayed movie to their list of favourites stored in a db, which can be searched and filtered by title or genre.

The app is written in Java and makes use of a SQLite db in the Android device. The calls are made to OMDb’s free API which returns matching movies as JSON objects containing fields for the movie title, year of release, length, director name, plot synopsis, etc. It also contains a field for the poster which is a URL. When the user selects a title from the list of matches, a second call is made to the poster URL to retrieve a bitmap image of the poster.

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