Andrew's new world of software development

Delicious Code

After 17 years out in the wild, here’s my new life as a software developer

Studying & Working in Canada Again…

I’d never been to college or had a career in Canada that didn’t involve loud music. When I came back to Ontario in 2017, life changed.

Writing Code

I’ve coded some interesting things – some for school, some for clients, and some for fun.

Volunteer Activity

I’m involved in a lot of volunteer projects, from delivering computers to an impoverished rural school in Jamaica to running a student group that holds workshops to help other students get jobs.

Not all those who wander are lost.



This website has just started and is very, very under construction.

Please be patient as I fill it with samples of my digital fiddling and tales of my adventures as a 50-year-old college student.

Changes and new content will be uploaded frequently throughout the Fall of 2020!

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Please feel free to email me in English or Japanese!